Thursday, November 06, 2008

So much to say

I have so much to say and not enough time to say it..

Lily went to the Neonatologist and her Pediatrician on Monday. The poor kid, I double booked her by accident. The Neo said that she was doing great, but approaching chubby baby. She weighs 11lbs 3oz and is 22 inches long. So he had us discontinue her cereal for her reflux. He also suggested that the cereal is what is constipating her so she went twice on her own since we stopped it. I was so happy that I almost cried. Who would have thought I'd be this interested in another human being's bowel movements. He also looked at her Erb's Palsey and said he's sure that she's completely recovered! The Ped gave her the Synagist shot for RSV season, the first of many. She'll get them from November to April. She also gave her the 2nd round of her vaccines. Something interesting, I guess, is that when I was pregnant...or before I was even pregnant...I knew that I would space out her vaccines. My family is very aware of autism, and it was something that I wanted to do. Not totally rule them out, but not give them as combined shots. But with Lily being a preemie and all I didn't want to take any chances. I was afraid. But Monday my mom gave me a whole bunch of shit about it. "I thought you were going to space them out..." blah, blah, blah. Sometimes we just don't do what we thought we would.

We can't get flights to Denver to see Derick's dad which upsets us both. The only flights left with the class of service that my tickets are for come back late Monday night and I can't miss 3 days of work. Not after how good they've been to us. So it's a dud, I guess. I told Derick that we could potentially go in Febuary or so, and if we both can't afford to go he can take Lily by himself.

So I don't know what we're going to do with our tickets. I suggested heading to Austin to see Monica H. but he's not sure. So we're up in the air about it. Any suggestions?

And finally, I had a huge political post written in my head but I just can't seem to get it out. I made Lily stay awake last night to see who won. I wanted to tell her when she comes to me with her history book that she was there to see it. I'm putting a lot of faith in Mr. Obama. I pray that he comes through for us. We need it. We need something. But to be quite honest, ANY change is better than what we have. I believe that John McCain would have had a better chance had the current administration not thrown the country into the crapper. But that's my opinion, so take it or leave it!

Then today, I read a post by Jessica and I think...for as many people who didn't vote for him because he was many people only voted for him because he was black? That's a little scary to me. I had thought that as a society we've come further than that. But I guess we haven't. Maybe I'm just naive, but I've never seen a difference in people. I had thought that other people felt the same way. We've come so far, yet there are still differences. There are still people who feel so strongly that they won't vote for someone of a minority and still people who feel so strongly they will only vote for someone of a minority. I'm ashamed of those people, and honestly I'm ashamed of the way the media is portraying things. It's not about the color of his skin. It's about what he can do to help us. It's about entering a new chapter. People helping people.

Later today Lily and I had a big discussion about just that. She listened while I spoke. My great-grandfather founded The National Conference for Christians and Jews. His name is Dr. Everett Clinchy. He spoke publicly on many occasions, and one man who watched him speak told my brother and I that it was "like watching God speak from the heaven." He wanted equality for all men. He worked to unite people instead of pushing them apart. Here he speaks about brotherhood. This is his prayer.

* One Family %

Our Father, creator and sustainer of all that lives, we
seek thy presence in a world distraught, thy love and healing
in a world of enmity and hatred. Thou hast made of one
blood all the people of mankind to dwell together as a family
upon the face of the earth. We come to thee for strength to
break down the barriers that hold men apart, and to fashion
unity amidst the diversity of creed and race and nation.
Make us conscious of our common humanity.

May those who are strong withhold no opportunity
from the weak; those who are powerful keep none in sub-
jection. Make us quick to recognize the talents of those of
races other than our own and to give to all the honor that is
their due. Forbid that we should belie the faith we proclaim,
that all men are equal, by denying to those of other religious
convictions and racial ties the rights which we claim for our-
selves. Crown all our good with brotherhood. To thee be the
honor and the glory.

And now may the search for that which is true, the love
of that which is beautiful, the enjoyment of that which is just
and good possess our hearts and minds as they have en-
nobled and enriched the lives of the great of every age.


I'm not just naive, I was born this way.


~JLL~ said...

Sorry to hear about your trip to Denver. Maybe you all can go later as you stated.

I also have faith in Mr. Obama. Like you, I see people as what they are; people. I was never raised to see color. However, sadly enough I have learned that is not true for everyone. I was completely amazed by some of the comments that I heard at work.

OMG!! Lily weighs as much as Braylon did at his 4 month check up. LOVE IT! Lily is sooo adorable. Wish we lived closer than we could have play dates.

Have a great weekend!

Monica H said...

I'm bummed that you're not going to Denver- but YES!, do come here!

I'm so proud of Lily and all that she is growing (and pooping on her own).

Honestly, I think anyone is better than Shrub. So even if McCain had won I wouldn't have been totally devastated. We need change and I do hop the Obama can deliver. I have faith!